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Icy Tales

Priyanka Row is an International Certified Image Consultant and a Mind Coach. She believes in living a purposeful life. The mind coach aims to make people overcome their fears in life and become self-sufficient. Priyanka Row uses specialized techniques such as NLP, EFT, and belief clearing to coach the subconscious mind.

The New Indian Express, Bengaluru

Priyanka featured on the cover page of the New Indian Express, Bengaluru edition on April 26, 2021 highlighting the benefits of Emotional Freedom Techniques as a powerful technique to release COVID fears and anxiety in the Second Wave that struck India, as her personal favorite tool

Business Goa

In the January 30, 2021 issue of Business Goa, Goa’s only Business Magazine, Priyanka highlights her journey from a Luxury hotelier to an Internationally Certified Image Consultant to a Ecommerce Start-up Founder to a Professional Mind Coach and a ‘Purposepreneur”.

The Navhind Times, Goa

In the August 07, 2020 issue of The Navhind Times, Priyanka explains Dr. Richard Bandler’s theory on Neuro Linguistic Programming saying,  “It works on the presupposition that all the skills, talents and qualities we need to succeed are already lying within us.” 

Talk from the Heart

Priyanka joins host Maria Fernandes on Goa 365 TV on August 2, 2020 to talk from the heart on unlocking the power of your mind which is inherently accessible by every mind. 

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