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the mind coach : priyanka row

Tapping With Coach

Emotional Freedom Techniques or popularly known as EFT are alternative therapy tools in Energy Psychology. It is an amalgamation of Traditional Energy techniques found in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and contemporary psychotherapies.
Energy Psychology is based on the concept that essentially the Human Body is an ‘Energy Body’. Qi (chi) is the vital energy or life force that flows within this body. It comprises two polarities of energy, Yin and Yang. This energy flows through energy pathways, also known as energy meridians (we have 14 energy meridians in our body connected to various organs, limbs and body parts).
Qi (chi) when disturbed in the human body can cause ill health, emotional, psychological and physical distress and discomfort.

EFT taps on pre-defined acupuncture points on these energy meridians, check these imbalances, unclogs the pathways, clears the blockages, releases the negative emotions/feelings/beliefs/fears and reduces the intensity of distress and discomfort, quite often, permanently.
Emotional Health: it doesn’t just check imbalances when they occur but also works as a preventive measure. When you release the negative energy, there is no trigger in the future!
Physical Health: EFT is not a cure. It is used for pain management and symptom management. Quite often within a few rounds of tapping!
How does it work?
Use of verbal commands (voicing of positive commands)
Tapping on acupoints closest to the surface of the skin (these points are similar to acupressure or acupuncture and are on the face, body or fingers. In this case we simply use our fingers rather than needles!). While tapping we focus on the presenting challenges we are attempting to resolve or heal.
Use of Psychological Reversal Techniques
Use of Psycho-Therapeutic Tools such as Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Transaction Analysis (TA), Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) and Behavioral Therapy (BT)
Thought Field Therapy (TFT)
Progressive Emotional Release
Bolsters the natural healing processes in the body

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emotional freedom techniques, priyanka row, the mind coach
the mind coach : priyanka row

₹ 2,000/-*
per session

*18% GST is applicable on Program Value and subject to change without notice

With awareness comes
With awareness comes liberation!
You were not born with these challenges.
You don’t need to live with them.
Start by identifying if these are YOUR problem statements.
Stop being a VICTIM to:
You were not born with these challenges.
You don’t need to live with them.
Start by identifying if these are YOUR problem statements.
Stop being a VICTIM to:
In this program you will learn,
HOW and WHY to:
Mind-Body Healing tool: that directs the flow of energy to promote well being

Relaxation Tool: that reduces the cortisol levels and thereby overwhelming feelings or physical sensations
(Daily use reduces stress and anxiety within minutes)
Reduces Physical and Emotional Pain

Mindfulness Tool: self-awareness is directed to body and breathing
(Wherever awareness flow. Energy grows!)
Preventive Health tool: tapping regularly prevents/reduces the occurrence of stress-related physical
& emotional conditions including blood sugar, pressure, cholesterol in the long run Improves sleep quality
Sports Athletes: powerful mental conditioning tool that raises Energy
Levels, reduces Performance Anxiety, boosts confidence and in the long run
It goes beyond acupressure or acupuncture (which only focuses on physical points) to
consider & release thought patterns, emotions & beliefs causing the physical ailments
Self-administered tool: that can be practiced at your own convenience and pace, anytime and anywhere
(Once learnt, you do not have to pay anybody to get this done!)
When you are ready.
Here’s what is included:



Minimum 03 Sessions


02 Sessions a week


Minimum 03 hours (1 – 1.5 hours of uninterrupted time invested
only in your personal healing per session)



A clear outline of presenting issues to be resolved


Advanced tapping with Coach personally on standard protocol
acupoints and advanced acupoints


10-15 minutes of simple & practical self-tapping that can be integrated
into daily lives


Personal Support:

Step-by-step guidance to become self-reliant emotionally and mentally
with self-tapping

Bonus Material

Bonus Material:

02 Progress Calls on program completion that can be paced as per your preference

Here is what you can expect:



Conscious Mind


Drop Overthinking & Mental Noise
Reject Negative Thoughts
Condition Positive Thought Patterns
Hacks of Successful Mindsets


Dismantle Roots of Childhood Beliefs
Create New & Empowering Beliefs
Clear Damaging Beliefs

Subconscious Mind



Negative Emotions, Fears,
Memories, Experiences
WEEK 1 – 4

“What you resist. Persists. What you see. Disappears.”

~Priyanka Row

Clearing and Cleansing
damaging beliefs, thought
patterns and energy.
  • 07 Belief Clearing Techniques
  • 01 Energy Release Technique
  • Emotional Freedom Techniques
WEEK 1 – 4

“Wherever awareness flows. Energy grows.”

~Priyanka Row

Heal the past by growing
constructive belief
systems & productive
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Mental Commands Reprogramming
  • Positive Psychology
  • Law of Attraction
WEEK 4 – 5

“You become tomorrow. What you believe today.”

~Priyanka Row

Raise your frequency to clarity,
direction and meaning in life.
Step up to your purpose in life.
Open yourself up to what is seeking
to emerge in your life next.
  • Logotherapy
When you sign up
Here is what awaits you.
Private and personal sessions with Mind Coach Priyanka Row
Guided Tapping with a certified and trained EFT Practitioner
Advanced Tapping on additional acupoints beyond the standard protocol when required
Use of powerful and scientific-based EFT Techniques with a foundation in Psychological Reversal Techniques, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Thought Field Therapy, Progressive Emotional Release
The knowledge and skills to effectively self-tap and practice EFT on yourself personally. They can be passed on to family and friends too.
Clear outline of outcome/objectives and definition of your personal challenges to be addressed, based on our Discovery Consultation Call
We maintain the highest standards of client confidentiality and clients are quoted or shared only upon their endorsement of our coaching

Book your Tapping with Coach program

emotional freedom techniques, priyanka row, the mind coach
the mind coach : priyanka row
₹ 3,000/- per session
₹ 2,000/- per session *

$ 150 per session
$ 100 per session **

*18% GST is applicable on Program Value and subject to change without notice

*Value created as a support mechanism during the pandemic
**Applicable for Foreign Nationals and Non-Resident Indians

Only online sessions accepted currently

Payment Policy:

Program Fees are payable on confirmation

Cancellation Policy:

Fees are not refundable

Minimum Age:


Book YOUR program
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“You were not born with these challenges.
You don’t need to live with them”
What I would expect you
to bring to the table:

Recognizing that we need support or help is difficult. Acting on it is even harder. Stepping out of your comfort zones can be sticky. Opening up old wounds, and memories can be painful. However, they are temporary too and surprisingly disappear quicker than you expect, as you will discover soon. I salute your courage and I appreciate you reaching out to me right now.

Dedicate the next couple of weeks only to you. Put yourself first in a healthy way and commit to this quest in a dedicated and disciplined manner.

I expect you to be open to being coached and trained.
I expect you to be disciplined in practicing the tools & techniques weekly.
I expect you to be timely and punctual to every session.
I expect you to be ready for new therapeutic and coaching tools.
I expect you to be receptive to feedback and an impartial set of eyes looking in.

Only then can we cross this finishing line. Together. Self-sufficient and living without dependency.


1. It has no side effects
2. It can be practiced at your own convenience and time
3. You do not need to pay someone to get it done. Self –tapping is equally effective and powerful once learnt by a certified EFT Practitioner.
4. Lower cost in comparison to other lines of therapy
5. One can teach others this technique amongst our family and friends
6. There is no pain experienced in this mode of treatment
7. EFT is known to deliver results in a faster duration of time in comparison to other traditional lines of treatment and therapy

Absolutely. In fact we  encourage you to book a free 30-min Discovery Consultation Call with Priyanka Row personally. This will allow you to break ice with her, get more comfortable and ascertain if she is the right fit for you. Unlike many coaching programs, Priyanka gives priority to personal engagement with clients.

You are encouraged to book a free 30-min Discovery Consultation Call with Priyanka Row personally. Once she understands your objectives and challenges, you will receive an email on the program flow, program content, time slot and payment details. Upon your confirmation, you can start on the date/time slot booked by you.
We use a safe, professional account on the  Zoom platform with unique login details for each coaching client. We recommend taking the sessions in a private and safe environment wherein you will be comfortable and free. We recommend using a Desktop, Laptop or Tablet. Avoid taking the coaching on the mobile phone. This needs to be a hands-free session at all times to enable you to tap.

The sessions are delivered to you online through one-on-one coaching, online material, whiteboard instructions and video references. Summary of each session is shared with clients post each session.

The program is designed to support all types of people and professions who are committed to their personal growth, willing to evolve and work on themselves, be disciplined and grow their mindset. Minimum age of 12-years is recommended.

You need to invest only 1-1.5hours a session. Frequency of sessions is either weekly or bi weekly based on the client’s presenting issues. Number of sessions is dependent on quantum of presenting issues, progress by client and need. Minimum of 3 sessions is required to begin the program.

A payment link will be emailed to you post the Discovery Consultation Call. Payments accepted by Bank Transfers. Program fees of Minimum 3 Sessions are payable on confirmation. Balance fees are payable in advance, as and when sessions are extended.

Yes, I will be personally tapping with you, coaching and guiding you. I am accessible to your questions by email, whatsapp and phone during the course of the program.

Yes. Belief systems and destructive energy (thoughts, feelings, emotions, actions) can be reprogrammed and released permanently. While it is a journey and not an overnight result, with relentless willpower, complete commitment and utmost self-belief, they can be transformed permanently. The beauty of self-sufficient coaching and self- reliant techniques is that even if there are reversals, you will manage to overcome and bounce back, quicker and faster every time, on your own.
No. Online coaching sessions are delivered with the exact same resources, modes of instruction and personal attention that is received in in-person sessions. Technology has broken geographical barriers and elevated coaching tools. Results experienced by clients online and in-person are equal.
STOP and THINK who is telling you this? It is that very limiting belief from the subconscious mind that you would like to clear and release. With this belief, it will never be the right time because it will always give you an excuse or objection from developing a growth mindset. Not just for this coaching that you know you need but anything else you find important and critical. With your commitment and prioritizing, you will release this belief permanently.
You are free to study the coaching content throughout the week at your most convenient time.

The program is inclusive of 02 bonus progress calls with the coach to help you stay consistent and on track with your growth. 01 call is scheduled within a week of completion. 02 calls can be scheduled as per client preference and pace. In addition, Priyanka Row is always available for her clients by email for any support going forward.



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